i-70 corridor

Headed out from Salt Lake City Wednesday morning…
The drive from Salt Lake to Denver is a series of going through different canyons, gorges, and man-made passes through mountains.  I took US 6 up over Soldier Peak first.  This brough me back down through Helper.  I remember Uncle Paul told me last time when Tara and I both were there last Spring Break that the town was named Helper because an extra train engine was needed to help trains get up over Soldier Peak.
Once I got to the junction with Interstate 70, I stopped off in Green River to get lunch.  I was lucky to get my order in when I did, because a senior citizens tour stopped for lunch about 3 minutes later.  It was also in Green River I noticed a “No Littering” sign that said the max fine was $100.  In Portland, the max fine in the most green city in the country was $6250.  In good ol’ Texas, it’s $350.
So I get in to Colorado, and I see this…
DSC_0122.JPG (800x532 pixels)
DSC_0168.JPG (800x532 pixels)
The Colorado River is in a major flood stage.  The water was way up on trees, right up under bridges, and 70% of it is white water.  Past Grand Junction and in to the river valley through the Rockies, the water level almost covered the railroad tracks.  I heard that the water in Oregon was moving fast because of late snow melt.  I was told in Utah that they might see flooding because of late snow melt.  In Colorado, I actually got to see it.  Up close, even.  If you’re on my Facebook, I posted a video I took while in Glenwood Springs.  I saw several rafts going down the river.  I even saw some guys surfing the white water.  They said it was some pretty good action.
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Through Glenwood Springs Canyon, it was slow going since traffic was 2-way on only one half of I-70.  Further on, I got to Vail, and was close to some of that snow that still hadn’t melted.  I stopped at Vail Pass, and I got right up at the same level with the snow.
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More videos on Facebook, I threw some snowballs.
I spent more time than I normally do when driving by myself, but I don’t think I violated my normal MO.  All the stops I made and time I spent were on things that caught my attention.