headed home, continue the work

Denver to home was an interesting, yet not so interesting drive.  I go through a lot of nothing on this drive.  When I got to Trinidad, the speed through some construction they were doing on the interstate was 35 mph.  Totally unnecessary.
I get in to New Mexico, and one of the first things I see is a sign that basically says “100 days and nights, cops out in force”.  Within the approximately five miles from the border to Raton, I saw three people pulled over already.
2011 06 09 Denver to home (20).JPG (800x572 pixels)
So back home, I’ve taken some days to decompress.  I turned down the job I was offered in Portland.  Just today, I found out that the TV station I interviewed at offered the position to another person.  I still can’t find a phone number to get a hold of the place in Utah (but then again, they still haven’t called me).
Yesterday, I went to Tulia (about 50 miles one way) and interviewed with the management at a rule telephone cooperative based there.  It was a really good conversation.  The job I was interviewing for is a technical job.  There’s certain certifications they want in a person that they would hire, of which I have none.  However, I have a lot of the experience they are looking for.  I tried to impress that I want to learn more if they’ll give me the chance to do so.  I also really tried to play up the fact that I have coop experience.  I’m not too sure they will come across anyone else that has that kind of experience, so hopefully that will be a positive.  At the end of the interview, I was told there is currently no time frame for hiring, but sooner is better than later.  I told them that it was only fair to let them know my wife told me the same thing!
We’re due to make a trip to the Dallas area sometime next week to do the job hunting if I haven’t received an offer by then.
I’ve also had a friend from church tell me a company he used to work for that had to downsize out of Amarillo is staffing back up.  That’s another thing to check on.