Sunday Drive

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Here’s where I started out my Sunday morning.  I filled up with gasoline at the nearest gas station to the hotel.  This was the pump I used.  Very pieced together.  While I in the middle of filling up my gas tank, I noticed there was a nice, pristine gas station across the street.  Oh well.  Gas is gas, right?
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Of course, I see these blown over signs while I’m driving.  That ends up leading me to this sign below.
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Now of course, I’ve not been in the desert before, so I’ve not seen how the dirt could blow at the drop of a hat.  However, I’ve seen dirt storms that high before in West Texas.
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I did happen to see this old school hurse.
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And yes, I did stop for something besides gas.  I’ve only been across the continental divide by car in Colorado before.
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I did see these snow capped mountain peaks before getting up in the mountains at Flagstaff.
Once in Flagstaff, I did try to take a video of the wind.  However, you couldn’t hear everything.
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I ended up missing the turn off for the Hoover Dam.  I thought it might be faster going from the Arizona side over to the Nevada side than the other way around.  Since I missed that turn off though, I just took a picture of Lake Mead in my rear view mirror as I came up in to Boulder City.
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Of course, here is the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.
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And then here’s the view from my room.  See the cars between the other tower and the pyramid?  It’s nearly a mile walk from my room to my car.

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