On To Portland.

Today I flew from Las Vegas to Portland.  It was cheaper about the same amount of money as driving, but it was a time saver.  I checked out of The Luxor just before 8am.  I knew I had to be at the airport by 8:30, but I also knew the airport was basically around the corner in a manner of speaking.
Here’s the funny thing.  The line at the ticket counter to check bags took me longer than the security line.  That was really interesting to me.
I got on the plane and picked a row to sit in.  As Tara can attest to, I picked the aisle as usual.  I need the leg and the shoulder room.  Here I am thinking that I will have the whole aisle to myself.  Then this kid that looked to be somewhere between 7 and 9 years old says “Here’s two seats Mommy”.  Great.  I let them both in.  The kid sits by the window.  At least his mom wasn’t a big person.  When she sits down, she proceeds to inform me of something very important.
“I just want to let you know that we usually have to go to the bathroom a lot.  If that’s a problem, we can move to a different seat.”
Ok, so was I going to be one of those people who was selfish?  I could have said yes I wanted them to move.  But I didn’t.  I’m thinking that at least the kid can crawl over me.  Because usually when a parent accompanied by their kid says “we” have to go to the bathroom a lot, it’s the kid they are referring to.
The one time the bathroom came in to play, it wasn’t the kid.  It was the mom.  Color me surprised!
Coming in for a landing at Portland I got an interesting visual effect.  I knew that the airport was right on the river.  Well, the path the plane took in provided a view of the land out the left side, but of nothing but water on the right side.  My brain first thought “is this plane equipped with pontoons?”
I was one of the first people off the plane.  It took me about 4 minutes to get from the gate to baggage claim.  It was another 3 minutes by the time luggage started coming out.  That’s a record!  Big props to the Southwest ground crew at PDX.  They deserve a raise!
So I obviously read up on Portland before going there so I could come across at least like I was informed.  The one thing I read that stood out was that Portland was the most “green” city in the country.  I could see the effects of that before I even left the airport.  I get to the lower level to go to the rental car counter, and there is a moving walkway that runs on a motion detector.  How wild is that?!?
I get on the shuttle to my rental car place, the driver’s name as posted on the front of the bus was “Wildman”.  I like him already.  He explained a back way to get to my hotel from the rental car office.
Here was a new one on me.  Thrifty said I had to fill up with gas within 10 miles or less from their office before returned AND I had to present a receipt for that gas when I got back.  Weird.  I had a brand new Taurus.  Awesome car.  Felt like luxury for just me.  But it would probably be a really good family car.
The Holiday Inn I’m staying at looks a little older, but appears to have some renovation work done recently.  I really like the check-in desk.  They have three separate smaller desks.  It’s an open set-up.  It makes things feel a little more personable.  It’s the first time I’ve seen a configuration like this in a hotel, and I absolutely love the concept.  I think more hotels need to be set up this way.
I spent the afternoon sending more emails and trying to make phone calls to set up my two days in Portland.  Did I actually get through to talk to someone though?  No.  Ugh.
When it got around dinner time, I decided to do something before getting dinner that I didn’t do in Las Vegas.  I went and drove to where I had my scheduled interview for tomorrow so I knew exactly how to get there.  There was a lot more potential for traffic issues this time, so I wasn’t going to take that chance.  It was 25 minutes.  I decided to budget 30-35 minutes for tomorrow morning since I had to make the drive again during rush hour.
Then where did I go get dinner?  Chipotle.

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