Memorial Day Hunt

Memorial Day started out with me getting up quite early.  I’m in a time zone 2 hours back from home, so my getting up at 8:15 without an alarm clock actually meant I was getting up at 6:15.  I was supposed to be at a scheduled interview at 9am.  I knew I hadn’t found the place yet, so I wanted to make sure and leave with enough time to get there.  I just didn’t want to get there too early.
So once I left, I started to walk from my room to my car.  For those of you who have never been to Vegas, some of these places can be more than a half-mile to walk to your car depending on where your room is.  I had been to Vegas once before, but Tara and I never had a car while there (with exception of when we rented one to drive out to the Hoover Dam).  My room was in the east tower of The Luxor, which is the furthest away from their parking you can get.  It took about 12 minutes for me to get from my room on the 15th floor of that tower, down to the 1st floor, skirt along the edge of the pyramid, before cutting across the casino floor to get to the exit for parking.  Even once out that exit, you still had to cross this foot bridge through the pool area, across the street, and to the 2-floor parking garage.
It was right about the time I was going to cut across the casino floor that I realized that I had forgot a copy of my resume like I was asked to bring with me.  No time to go back and get it.  I get to my car and start to leave for the place.  Did I follow the directions on my phone’s Google map directions?  No.  I know sometimes they don’t always provide the best way.  Well, long story short, I should have followed them.  There was some non-logic to a few of the streets in Vegas.  I got lost.  Thank goodness I found my way eventually.  I arrived at the place for my interview right at 9am on the dot.
I was invited to come back for a 2nd round interview.  Ok, fine.  A job interview is a job interview.
I had an interview by phone with a similar “marketing firm” based out of Phoenix a little later in the morning.  Later in the afternoon, I was called asking to come in for a 2nd interview.  I had to decline.  I didn’t know when the earliest I could be in Phoenix was.  Plus, when did “marketing” become sales?  Hate to say it, but there is a delineation that these places ignore.
Being Memorial Day, I had some really tough luck trying to make calls this afternoon.  So that was the extent of Memorial Day job hunting.

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