Las Vegas, Day 2

First thing out of the gate was the 2nd interview with the “marketing” firm in town that I talked to yesterday.  They actually had me show up at a Home Depot (their client) to experience the process the entry level people go through trying to get people to have someone come to their home to actually do measuring and consultation on improvements in their home.
It was sales.
I was uncomfortable with the whole process.
After I left, I tried going to a couple of the TV stations in town.  Two of them had positions for website people in their newsroom.  Since it had worked for me before, I tried cold calling.  The Fox station…the news director wasn’t even there.  Ugh.  Then I try the NBC station.  There, I was told by the receptionist that no one at all comes out from the back unless there is a previous appointment set up because of security reasons.  Honestly, the part of town it was in was a little shady.  So I guess I could understand.
I went back to the hotel and emailed that news director and even called and left her a voicemail.  No luck.  I made a few more calls this afternoon, but got nowhere with them.
Unsuccessful day.
One thing did cheer me up though.  Tara and I had watched “America’s Next Great Restaurant” on NBC.  Through the course of that show, we got hammered about Chipotle non-stop.  I thought I might find a Chipotle in Vegas.  I did.  Now I’m officially a big Chipotle fan.

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