Go figure. Portland can actually be sunny.

Friday, I woke up to lots of sun.  At least it was more than what I had experienced in the last two days of being here.  I started out with a 2nd interview at the “marketing” firm.  The guy I interviewed with this time was smaller than me, younger than me, and wowed that I used to work in television because “he took a couple of broadcasting classes” while he was in school.  Oy vey.
I then tried calling a couple of the TV stations in town.  One station, I couldn’t raise anyone on the phone that could do anything for me.  The other station, I at least got to the news director’s voicemail.  I went to find the station that I called first.  It was out in Beaverton.  The studios were out in a business district.  Looked like a nice place.  However, the visitors parking was absolutely full, leaving me no place to leave the car legally to get out and go in.  After a few minutes, I got a return call from the news director at KATU.  He was willing to talk to me, so I headed that way.
The conversation was a good one, and I believe that there is a chance things could work out if he wants to have me come work there.  One thing he told me was that he always makes it a point to talk to job candidates who go the extra mile and come to Portland on their own.  Before I left, I explained it would be about a week before I could get work samples to him.  The only thing I have available without getting in to a TV station to edit and make dubs is a set of video files from a special I did in Savannah.  But my hard drive went on the fritz the day before.  I can’t get it fixed until I get home.
I went to the same Chipotle I have the entire I’ve been here tonight.  It’s across the river in Vancouver.  When I turned off the 205 on to 14 heading east, I was met with a different view than the past couple of days.  There, in all it’s majestic splendor, was Mount Hood!  All I can think to tell you is that it is better looking in person than in pictures.  But hopefully these pictures will give you the idea.
DSC_0488.JPG (800x532 pixels)
DSC_0494.JPG (800x532 pixels)
DSC_0496.JPG (800x532 pixels)
DSC_0516.JPG (800x532 pixels)
I never saw Mount Hood before today because it was so cloudy, and the clouds were so low.

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