First Full Day In Portland.

It seems like the sun comes up a 5am here.  That’s a lot of hours of sunlight.
It was pretty easy to get out and going to my 8:15 am appointment.  However, 5 minutes away from the hotel…I forgot a copy of my resume as requested.  Ugh.
The traffic in Portland is pretty laid back for there being so many vehicles.  While there were always a lot of people around in traffic, there was never really traffic gridlock.  Everything just flowed smoothly.  That was unusual to me for what I’ve experienced elsewhere.
The place I interviewed this morning is the same type of place I interviewed at in Vegas.  However, their client is Qwest.  I know about what Qwest does.  Makes me feel like I could have a leg up.  I was invited back for a second interview tomorrow.  I don’t actually have to go to a Home Depot for this one, so I accepted the interview.
I headed back to the hotel after that.  I didn’t want to sit around there trying to find more people to contact, so I decided to go find a McDonald’s and get a bite, because practically all McDonald’s have free wi-if these days.  The one I found had free wi-if, but no power plugs.  Fail.
While I was finding this McDonald’s, I missed the turn in, so took the nearest street to find a place to turn around.  I ended up finding Marine Drive.  It’s a street that follows right along the river, which happens to take you right by the airport.  There was someone taking pictures right at the end of the runway.  At further places to pull off, there were people just parked there and chilling out.  I guess that’s where people go to get away during the day?  I finally find one of these pull-offs where I can turn around, and it has a “No Parking” sign.  Turns out all these pull-outs where people were parked had these signs, too.  No one was coming to do anything about it though.
I made some more calls and emails this afternoon, but to no response.  You’d think people would be more open if they are trying to fill open employment spots.

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