Drive to Salt Lake

It’s another Sunday, and I’m up early again.  My body is waking up about when it normally does.  However, being on the west coast, that means according to the clock I’m waking up reeeeeally early.  I decided to get on the road to Salt Lake earlier than planned because of it.  I was bored sitting around the hotel.  No sense in wasting time.
It was a pretty non-descript drive for the first bit.  However, after passing through Mesquite, Nevada, I saw this mountain range that I kept on coming towards, and the road wasn’t turning away.  Turns out it was the Virgin River Gorge.  It was a nice stretch of road.
After getting through Saint George, it was a drive through a series of valleys that were increasingly greener, separated by ridges the were increasingly steeper.  It was a beautiful drive.  The only thing that made it better is that I never had to go less than 75 mph on the road until getting to Salt Lake metro.  Otherwise it could have gotten boring.
I got to Uncle Paul and Aunt Lori’s house right about 1, which was a little earlier than I expected.  Aunt Lori apparently didn’t expect me there that early either.  Shortly after, Uncle Paul, Aunt Lori, Rachel, Kristi, Garrett, and I went to a testimony meeting at a ward in American Fork where there was to be a blessing for the new baby of another cousin, Jessica.  After that, we went and ate a slightly early dinner at Aunt Beth’s house (Jessica’s mom).  I got Tara on Skype so she could at least say hi to everyone while we were there.
Later that evening, I got to learn a new card game.  We also broke out the 3 Alarm Hot Tamales that Tara sent with me for Uncle Paul.  All 6 of us tried them out.
Late night, but always fun around that house!

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