Back To Vegas

So today, I’ve used up all my time in Portland. It’s now the weekend, and this is all travel time. I get up and go, and the first thing I end up doing is turning in my rental car. This was another experience that proved it is a small world. The shuttle driver taking back to the airport asked where I was from. I started to give him the typical answer I give anyone that doesn’t live in the panhandle of Texas. Reason why? No one ever knows anything west of a Fort Worth-Austin-San Antonio line except for El Paso. However, this guy kept on probing, until I finally told him I live in Hereford. Come to find out, he was born in Borger in 1935. His parents moved from Borger to the northwest on the outbreak of World War 2 to work for a defense contractor. Wow!!!


I couldn’t find any good breakfast food in the airport, so I got a meatball sub. It sounded good. It tasted good. There was only one problem. I had watched the weather before I left the hotel, and there was a low spinning off the coast of California. The direction of the winds was directly opposite of the direction we were flying. If you just said “turbulence”, then you guessed correctly. I had picked a flight with a layover in San Jose because the direct flights left too early or too late for my taste. The flight attendants were never allowed to serve drinks. I could have used my typical cranberry juice to settle my stomach. It made matters worse to have the meatball sub in my stomach!


I didn’t think about it until we were coming in on final approach to San Jose, but we were over the Pacific for most of that flight. I was talking to the lady sitting next to me for a little bit, and told her that caught me by surprise. I explained that my normal joke when the flight attendants explain the life vest “in case of a water landing” was that the pilot would intentionally have to aim for water for that to happen.


The head flight attendant on this flight was one of those who liked to crack jokes. You know how the line goes if you’ve been on even one flight… “We don’t ever anticipate a loss in cabin pressure…”


This one continues… “…because if we did, we would have called in sick today.” HAH!!!


I leave rainy Portland that’s sunny, and I land in sunny California that’s rainy.


I get back to Las Vegas, and I find out it’s one of those rare weekends that Garth Brooks is performing…just 2 blocks down from my hotel…and I don’t have the money for a show ticket……………………


I get all of my bags and head out to the parking garage. I pay my parking at the express pay kiosk. (I knew parking in Vegas would be expensive compared to home, but it still gave me a little sticker shock when I paid.) I get five feet from my car and start thinking about what song I am going to play once I get my iPod plugged in…




That iPod was in the front pocket of my netbook case….that I set down on the seat on the plane and never picked it up before I left. I toss my bags in the car and take off fast for the terminal. Long story short, it took what felt like forever to get anyone to help me. Thank goodness, they called the gate and someone had picked up the netbook and left it at the gate. I get a pass to go back inside security. This time I actually have to go through the body scanner. Once I get my netbook, get back out to the car, and get to the parking booth on the way out, it had been about 50 minutes (read: another $3) since I first paid my parking.


I get to the hotel, the one cool thing is there was free valet parking.


The rest of the night is pretty boring. That’s that.

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