a camel

True Story: I was leaving HEB with a few accoutrements for Southwest Chicken Salad night at our house. As I am about to exit the building, a lady walks in wearing a tie-dye t-shirt. It has a picture of a camel. And yes, today is Wednesday. You can guess what else was on that shirt.

Story Time: Before this woman could get through the door, a camel comes running from around the corner of the building. It tells “Guess What Day It Is?!?” The woman, scared out of her wits, is upset for being scared, and turns around to slug the camel thinking it is a man dressed in a camel suit. To her surprise, it was a real talking camel. Her punch lands somewhere in the vicinity of whatever the camel version of an Adam’s apple is. This causes the camel to spit in the woman’s face. She starts to shriek. I run away laughing. My reason for running away? My family was waiting on me at home, and I didn’t feel like being delayed due to having to sign photography release paperwork for the camel’s commercial production company filming the incident!

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